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Let’s Find Gavin Smith

May 16, 2012

Thank You For Your Support!

We would like to thank you all for posting your warm encouraging words to the Smith family, as well as helpful tips, ideas and information. The purpose of this blog was to allow for people to help in the investigation of Gavin Smith, missing since Tuesday May 1, 2012 between 9pm-10pm. It has done much more than that by showing the family and community the overwhelming support from friends and concerned individuals nationwide.

Because of the amount of posts and comments we are receiving, we have re-instated comment moderation. Every positive message, every case related question or comment will be approved and posted. We understand that different people have different opinions and ideas. We just want to make sure that we keep this website focused on the task of Finding Gavin Smith. Thanks again, we genuinely appreciate your support.

We will update the site shortly with a “Searched Areas” section initially, followed by area specific pages to allow people to post search progress and activities. Please continue to search in all surrounding areas and then link to maps and other media sources to help visualize the areas covered. As information is released, we will do our best to share it.

Any other information can be emailed to There are a lot of communications coming in, so please be patient, we will reply to your questions!

Now let’s get out there, hit the pavement and Find Gavin Smith!


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  1. This is just a thought, but if you still haven’t found his car, have you tried the “chop shops” in Sunland and Tujunga? If his car is still missing, would it be possible to at least identify a piece of it there, such as a remembered defect, maybe a dent in the door or quarter panel? There can’t be much of a market for this model seat, used, and you just might go and request a seat to see if one is available or where you can find one like it. Just a suggestion. I only ask because I thought that’s where a person would take a car if they found it abandoned and stold it. My car was stripped. I went there to buy seats and parts to replace what was taken after I got the car back. I found the matching seats for my model. Very fishy! Another thought, I’m sure you must have checked local and distant hospitals for John Doe’s with amnesia and or car wrecks. I had a grand mal seizure once, out of the blue with no reasonable cause and couldn’t remember my name. The first thing I remembered was my social. If a person had a medical condition like this, perhaps records of people found with this issue might help. There are usually x-rays in a case like this that might possibly be checked against dental records with a warrant, maybe? They x-rayed my skull and it was pretty shocking to see myself that way, but I’m ok. He looks pretty tan. Have you visited any places he might have wanted to go but didn’t have the time? Maybe check all fly away and airport parking. I’m just brain storming here and I really hope that you find him. Good luck.

  2. I used to live in Oak Park. It’s a great community. but very odd circumstances regarding this dissapearance. No communication with family, freinds, email, cell, etc ??? .It’s just so odd for a man of this level of succes with career and family to just drop-off. I truly hope there is resolution soon. If I can be of assistance I’ll volunteer gladly. I’m about the same age as Gavin Smith with 3 daughters of my own 16, 8, 21. My oldest will be a senior next year at Pepperdine. I couldn’t imagine what they would go thru if I just disappeared.

    My Familie’s prayers are with you!

  3. Ron Pivo permalink

    I’ve been following the case and live in Westlake Village. My thinking is that perhaps he met someone in Las Vegas and was going to meet them that night. I know he had just gotten home but maybe they really hit it off and he was anxious to see this person again. If I’m the police I would ask the people who were in Vegas with him who he was with and was he with anyone you weren’t familiar with.

  4. The community should join with Gavin’s friends and family and hold a prayer vigil – calling upon the Lord to reveal the whereabout’s of the missing man. And if he is still alive pray that God will protect him until he is found. We are living in the End Times and Satan is very busy . . . Jesus is our only Hope!

  5. I hope and will pray that you find your husband, father, and dearest friend. I hope he is ok.

  6. May 17, 2012
    I live in Woodland Hills. 3 blocks over from what is considered West Hills. I am in Oak Park regularly. I have not seen one single flier in my neighborhood, West Hills, or Oak Park.

  7. When and where will the search be?

    • There is a scheduled search this weekend. You can check the Home Page. More information will be released. Thanks!

      • New reports say scheduled search is cancelled. “A search for missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith scheduled for this weekend has been canceled. The family’s public relations counselor, Howard Bragman” I am posting this on May 17, 2012. Story is dated May 16, 2012

      • Thanks mamabat13. They cancellation is confirmed. However this was an “official” search. We are still encouraging people to get out and continue assisting in the search. Please use caution when walking on any trails or high brush areas. Beware of your surroundings as the temperature is climbing and rattlesnakes are native to our locale.

  8. Ken permalink

    They are ‘retracting’ the information about the GPS reading in Sylmar? If so, that is the most bizarre element of this situation by far. I think they simply want to discourage people from snooping around up there asking questions because it is a rough area, and someone could get hurt. I agree. Don’t even think about it.

  9. Ken permalink

    Sorry for Lisa (and her mom)!that Mothers Day has come without resolution for the family. Let’s hope there is some news before the day is out.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Thank you Sabrina~ I came to this site to get any productive information about Gavin Smith and instead found alot of crap from a lot of idiots who obviously have to come to sites like this to get someone to listen to their rants….enough is enough…this is a website to “HELP FIND GAVIN SMITH” maybe they should go start their own websites and leave this families site alone to do what it was meant to do.

  11. Has FOX put up a reward or any group to date for information leading to Gavin? Time is not on your side when you are trying to find some one who is missing. If he was in a car accident and over the edge, due to time dehydration would of taken his life. His frame of mind when he got in his car and left that night in his purple sweat pants does not indicate he was going far. Either the car is going to be found in a three to five mile radius or he is out of the area. The cell phoneis probably dead and if the car has tracking, it should of been activated. In the future, I believe all cars will have this to aide in finding vehicles. The longer no activity on cell phone or credit\debit cards, it does not look good. The key to this case is finding his Black Mercedes car. My other thought was maybe due to his state of mind, there wouldn’t be any skid marks if he wanted to take his own life. This is a complex case with extenuating circumstances. If law enforcement wanted to search the canyons they would of called the team in Texas to run air radar sensors and detection to check the canyons. I think it is 50-50 based on what the public knows up to this point. A reward offered might bring new information! Either way, I still offer prayers and support for the family!

  12. Anonymous permalink

    The police are also reading these posts as they should….They needs facts true or false..All leads……..So ………..That said….This is a good dialogue…………………………..

  13. Anonymous permalink

    The investigators want facts….Not your personal emotions or your personal spin on the story…Facts and only facts…Thank You……….Lets find Gavin Smith…

  14. Anonymous permalink

    Now that Howard Bragman is involved Im certain that he is helping to make constructive decisions regarding websites and to help the family get through this……………..Everyone is concerned………..This is a terrible situation………

  15. Anonymous permalink

    I have lived in Los Angeles my entire life…Therefore I have friends that have been in serious trouble and cases that were never solved………Fact……..What seems to be ok on the outside rarely is……………To be honest…..I cannot mention these old cases but lives have been lost and the take away is this……Bits and pieces of every story is valuble on some level……….That can lead to where Gavin Smith is…………………………..Trust me …………..There is no time to be offended…..Time is running out…….Im certain that the police are leaving no stone unturned…As everyday goes by it becomes more bizarre……………..Goal to find Gavin Smith…Period..

  16. DAWN permalink


  17. Bev permalink

    Wow. I’m shocked and appalled at some of the comments and posts written here. Gavin is a wonderfully sweet man and he and his family and friends deserve nothing but the utmost compassion and respect. Everyone has struggles in life. To imply that because he may have made a mistake in his personal life he does not deserve to have every effort made to find him is horrible. This site was created to spread the word of the family’s plight and yes, to gain support. They are going through a terrible ordeal and to know others care probably means a lot to them. People are doing what they can to help, even if it’s just showing their support. So please, let’s focus on bringing Gavin home safe and refrain from posting negative and hurtful commentary.

  18. Ken permalink

    I think tksinclair, Sharon x, and “smell a rat” Anonymous all have very good points. Guys you may want to Google “Sylmar” and “chop shop.”

  19. Ken permalink

    Thank you, Anonymous. Sylmar is very gritty, and there are lots of garages and warehouses out that way. GPS stopped? I suspect a “chop shop.” If it were intentional, it would have happened before midnight, as he would have been in ASAP mode (gettin outta Dodge). The hour unfortunately may suggest foul play…IF the car wound up there. Have you heard? “No more family interviews.”

    • Ken permalink

      Apologies, Van. No harm intended. It was my understanding that this site welcomed info, theories, etc. I was attacked by Sabrina for essentially invading the family’s privacy. They (perhaps unwittingly) surrendered their privacy in exchange for help. In most cases deductive reasoning can be more useful than looking for a needle that isn’t in the haystack. I think all the people who have been searching for his car in and around the canyons deserve an apology. Perhaps (sorry) they should really be looking for him. Time is running out, I hope they are using search dogs.

  20. Barbara Bean permalink

    Just returned from a search party that went out early this morning to search for Gavin in the canyons and ravines of Malibu. We did our best today, but we found nothing that suggested Gavin’s car had been where we were. We did find two separate car wrecks and pieces, in one we retrieved a license plate and will give that to the correct people to see if it is associated with someone else missing or if it was just car wreckage that was left in the canyon . Another rescue group is working in another area, hoping they have some better news to share. In my group were very close friends of Gavins. I ask all who read here to please, please, please refrain from making nasty comments or assumptions. Friends and family are reading here and this is not a joke to them. Their father is missing. Their friend is missing. Their husband, brother, etc., is missing. We were searching in the ravines today because it is believed by many that are close to him that his car went off the road. The search itself today was very hard. Rock climbing, steep walls, water, tons of poison oak EVERYWHERE and several plants that stabbed and stung us. I personally broke my sunglasses, ripped my pants, and have two skinned knees. So I would like to ask for positive thoughts, prayers, kindness and understanding from all who post here. This is very real, please think about what you write. And wish all involved with this the best, they are trying.
    Better yet, help search 🙂 Thank you so much!
    Barbara Bean

    • Ken permalink

      Barbara you are a kind soul, as are your fellow searchers. I fear that your efforts would have been better directed in the area of Sylmar where his GPS last registered at 4:30 AM on MAY 2nd. That would have been helpful to know. So would a lot of other stuff.

      • Barbara Bean permalink

        Ken and all,
        I was told today at the search that the “Sylmar” Ping was not accurate, and actually an error. This was told to me by direct friends of his, so I am going on what they say are the current thoughts on Gavin.
        I please ask all of you, once more, to keep this a kind and loving place. Don’t fight amongst each other or say anything negative. If the people closest to him do not know, you certainly do not. I just spent the day in a very, very rough canyon searching for a man who is missed by many. Keep that in perspective and act accordingly. This is not a joke. Don’t fight with each other here. People like me who are in the thick of it so to say are reading. His kids are reading. His dear friends. I realize that the Internet is a place where people forget there are real people reading what they write, but for just this once at least, please keep this website a positive place. If you have ideas, or better yet, can lend an hour, a day, to help search, that would be fantastic! Help find Gavin. With real help, real ideas, and real love for your fellow man/woman.
        If there is information not released to the public (and again, I do not know there is not), then instead of screaming foul play, go with what we do know and ACT on it. How many of you live in or near Los Angeles? What are you doing to help? Sitting behind your computer snarking at each other isn’t helping, know what I am saying? Get down and dirty and join or start a search. Post fliers. Contact media. Spread his photo and lost flier on every Facebook page you can. Encourage others to get up and doing something. We all assume others are taking care of it. I can tell you from experience, they are not. Are you in Los Angeles? Please get some hikes going in some of these areas. There is over 100 miles of road that needs to be searched. Can you search one mile of any of them? THAT is what Gavin needs. Get up, get out, and do what you can. If you are fit enough to hike, please start hiking! Not in shape for that, post fliers. Tell people. When I came back from the search, filthy dirty with ripped pants, a few people asked me where I had been. I told them I was searching for Gavin Smith, the man who has been lost over a week. Almost everyone who saw me said, “Who?” The word is NOT out. Get it out
        Thank you kindly, again 🙂

        Barbara Bean

      • Anonymous permalink

        okay here’s a search report…i drove decker canyon from the westlake blvd end all the way to the beach…i drove slowly and stopped at least 10 times at the obviously dangerous cliffsides. and good view points. saw nothing out of the ordinary. the only skid marks looked to be from motorcycles ‘burning rubber’ for thrills. ate lunch at neptune’s net and went back to the valley by way of mullholland to malibu cyn. stopped numerous times on mulholland to observe…saw nothing of note. malibu cyn had a lot of traffic and i did not stop but looked for new skidmarks and freshly bruised bushes, saw none of that. on decker saw some people stopped and looking around but did not approach them and do not know if they were also part of the search. will pick another inland to beach canyon for tomorrow and have a look. took 4 gals of water and a good first aid kit in case i come across someone who needs help. will check in after. i am on vacation here from out of state for mother’s day but i grew up near plattxvictory and know all the canyons real well. let’s get lucky..

      • Barbara Bean permalink

        Thank you Anonymous for all your wonderful efforts. It is great that people are walking above the canyons, please don’t stop. Be aware however, that a car can go off of these canyons and leave virtually no mark. I had a car on my street that hit the other side of the bank and then went airborne like a missle, flew over a creek and landed in a horse corral. The only way to know if he is in one of these canyons is to hike into them and then look from below. The trees and bushes just swallow up most evidence that a car went over. You can hit guard rails and jettison over. Curbs. Other cars. We found one wreck down there that was not Gavin and took the license plate. We couldn’t see even that from above and we knew where it was! We finally spotted it, but most people would not.
        Is anyone here in the Sierra club or other hiking groups? This is going to take people, lots of them, on foot going down into these canyons and ravines with binoculars and looking closely at everything. The bushes and rocks and shrubs swallow things up. It is hard to explain, but you almost have to be right on top of something to see it. And not likely to see it from the road, but maybe someone will find skids or dirt that has been recently run over, broken bush branches and that will give hikers a place to look.
        Can you get out there and hike these canyons? Anyone? You don’t need to have a search party, just good hiking skills, a buddy or two (DO NOT DO THIS ALONE!), food, water, binoculars and a cell phone. Please, what are you doing today? Go on a hike for Mother’s Day!
        This is in no way a slam on anyone, but there is too much talking and very little doing from the general public and we, the public, are a hugest resource!! Don’t wait for someone else to do it, do it now. Gather your friends and get out there. His closest friends believe he has wrecked down one of these canyons. The Sylmar ping I was told was not accurate. Take all the ponderings and gossiping away for now, put on your shoes, get in your car and get out there! I beg you. Sierra Club, where you guys at? Gavins family needs people on the ground looking with their eyes. They need it NOW.
        Thanks everyone. Staying positive. Many people around here carry food and water in their cars. He could be trapped but has some essentials to keep him going. I know it is a long shot, but it isn’t over until it is over.
        Are you putting on your hiking shoes? Yeah, thank you! GO FIND GAVIN!!
        Barbara Bean

      • Anonymous permalink

        barbara…new for today…drove from westhills ballpark on valley circle @ foot of bell cyn. looked around ballpark and watched kids playing baseball. looked for tall guys. saw none of note. got in van and drove valley circle s past el camino h.s. to 101 and continued on mullholland, looking at pedestrians and cars all the way. turned rt on valmar st and went to old topanga cyn. cruised old topanga slowly (i drive a 1978 vw kampervan so slow is a given) stopped a couple times and went to the spot where the cut roadbank has fossils and stopped there for a while looking around and later continued up to where otc hits fernwood pacific. slow going there. checked out all properties and residences for black mb’s, saw none. turned up tuna canyon and continued looking for likely accident spots. went up saddle peak road to the crest and used binos to check things out as best i could. keep in mind i’ve lived in this area for 40 years and have some experience with looking around for effect. i’m a deer hunter and outdoorsman. cut off saddle peak rd @ schueren rd. (sp?) to rambla pacifico… all in here the going is slow and very little way to get air in a crash, beautiful and scenic in there though. went down to coast on las flores, nothing to report. drove home by topanga cyn rd. and looked for the obvious but saw nothing worth stopping for. that’s it… tomorrow home to tucson and follow progress by whatever means i can. good luck finding gavin. e.c.

    • Anonymous permalink

      I think what happened was that he went out at last moment for drive to the beach….that’s what I would have done under all the pressure. And somehow met up with someone that caused him harm and the car went to a chop shop. But I suppose GPS signal could have been mistake. And isn’t futile to look in that Malibu Canyon. My brother went over a cliff….the car was demolished, the doors flew open, he and friend happened to not be wearing seat belts so where thrown clear, otherwise would have gone to the bottom with the car and died as it wound up being the size of a suitcase. The only reason survived was that my brother, despite compound fractures, was able to pull them up the steep ravine to the road where they were spotted. Anything is possible. So don’t give up hope. A person can be unable to move up a hill due to broken bones but crawl to a water source and stay alive.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Thanks again Barb for the updates!

  21. Anonymous permalink

    ken smells a rat here… so do i. ken, you will not influence the folks here who think this is a support group and a feel good exercise so that they can cyber pat each other on the backs and congratulate each other on how caring they are. your thinking on this matter is more speculative than it needs to be because the very people who claim to want to find gavin and set up this website are not giving out with the facts…. either the ‘backround ones’ or the ‘as they happen ones’ but please do not cease in your analysis because gavin’s resolution, for good or for bad demands it. i have these thoughts…there has been no phone action since the 4:30 am ‘ping’ in sylmar, sylmar IS a tough and gritty community but the place sits on the fork of the 5/210 with access towards san berdoo/palm springs and points east and bakersfield/central valley and points north. was that phone parked in sylmar or in transit out of the area? the phone is off and no further positioning will be had from it buuuut…. i believe that the last 20 or so calls incoming and outgoing before the phone went dead will tell an interesting tale. my life and the things i do seem defined by those calls and texts so it may in this case. the cops don’t need the phone to get those…the carrier’s website will have already supplied law enforcement with that data. law enforcement has been especially tight lipped and non-committal re: this event. makes me think they have uncovered substantial leads are are now building some sort of case. as they do with capsized ships at sea let’s keep this discussion in rescue mode and not go to recovery mode just yet.

  22. fran permalink

    Is is possible to post the address he left From? I have not seen that in any writings. It would help in an effort to search for him. Thank you.

    • Fran, It’s the 500 block of Kellwood Court in Oak Park. It’s a cul de sac so the specific house number doesn’t really matter.

    • Anonymous permalink

      They will and shouldn’t post the address that Mr. Smith left from ..That’s insanity…….

  23. Just a suggestion, but if the car is equipped with LoJack, then the family could enable that tracking system.

  24. Elisabeth permalink

    I have followed you since he was reported missing in the news.
    Ican not imagene how this feels. Must be worse thwn anything I can think of.
    Please organize the good people who volentere here to search the side of roads. It doesnt take much to organize it, and report bak on this site which roads are searched.
    All I can do is look at google earth and hope for good news.
    I do really want this to end happy.
    All the best wishes from Norway.
    Please post news, or lack of, every day-
    Thinking of the Smiths family:

  25. I think the owner of this blog should start a link for support for the family. Also, maybe a link for messages related to search and rescue efforts. Just an idea to help make this site more productive.

  26. our prayers are with you and your family to find your dad safe and sound! What can we do as a public to help in the search? Are there any search parties scheduled to help find your dad?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    no updates from family, no more public pleas for help through media, spin doctor now hired and declares no more interviews…cell phone triangulation in sylmar 4;30 a.m. family not involved in local canyon search. son tweets ‘dad left family’ apr 14, later retracts and says parents are ‘not separtated. home in foreclosure…cops silent on search but have homicide detectives involved…eerie, disquieting susan smith vibe creeping in…

    • Thank you for saying this. I really wish people would focus on the fact that a man is missing, his entire family is hurting and doing the best they can to cope and keep faith. These inappropriate assumptions and spins are not helpful and disrespectful. When I asked for this earlier in the week I was referred to as an inappropriate name. Why? I hope and pray for they find Gavin very very very soon!

      • Anonymous permalink

        i wasn’t aware that this was the gavin smith eulogy/obituary blog, where it is forbidden to say anything which might carry an unpleasant feeling for the family. more unpleasant than pointed commentary is the loss of a parent or spouse. any thoughts that lead to a path to mr smith’s whereabouts should be welcomed and digested for the smallest kernel of value. even when i see sighting reports that seem like they may be cranks i would try to follow up and verify or dismiss were it my father who was missing. you are truly a worthless bimbo cherihaft for your obstructionist tactics and attempt to be provisional webmistress. the longer this drama plays out the less chance there is of a happy homecoming. the lack of involvement and failure to be forthcoming on the part of the family will necessarily lead to harsher and harsher public opinion and comment, this is foreseeable and as it should be. you need to take a step back and chill and decide whether you are going to cut bait or fish. you should take a look at what the blogs say on other media sites, those do not purport to be dedicated to finding mr smith and are super-insensitive and harsh but reflect what the public really feels on the matter. for the sake of gavin smith shut your pie hole and generate some critical thinking and analysis toward the real goal. the blogger did indeed refer to you inappropriately… his words were much too mild for the situation. i did however detect a touch of humor in snl allusion.

      • This is not constructive. You have not said anything helpful. I am sure they know all the stuff you know it doesn’t need to be said over and over again. If there were something I could I would. Amazing you feel the need to attack me. Peace.

  28. Ken permalink

    Has anyone read the news report that Gavin’s last GPS signal was in Sylmar at 4:30am on May 2nd? That’s sure to disappoint and frustrate people who’ve been diligently searching the area closer to his friend’s home. And now the family has hired a publicist, Howard Bragman, who is the spin king of damage control and reputation repair. There’s lots to explain..why would a successful industry exec and devoted father let his house go into foreclosure, leave the family, go to Vegas, and return to the home of a female friend? I think I’d be pretty angry at his behavior if I were one of his kids.

    • mtnmama permalink

      Well, it actually is not all that salacious. He didn’t go on one of those “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” excursions-he was there for a theatre owners convention (not too exciting) The “female friend” is actually a family friend (and possibly a couple) As for the house going into foreclosure, gee, what else is new? Thank the banks and mortgage companies for that one.

  29. Anonymous permalink

    Does anyone know the actual address on Kellwood Court in Oak Park, CA and the name of the woman friend he was staying with?

    • When was it revealed that the female friend was a woman?

      • Anonymous permalink

        We assumed a female friend would probably be a wonan

  30. Ken permalink

    I’m noticing that the family has not provided updates, or asked for participation in organized searches. Wasn’t that the purpose of this site? Perhaps they’re dealing with the media onslaught, now that so much of their private business has been made public. Reminds me of the adage, “the truth doesn’t change.”

  31. Frankmsontag permalink

    Many people have voiced their frustrations over the lack of new information in this painful situation. Maybe you could use that energy a little more constructively. Prayer for all of the Smith family may be a good place to start. Love and support are needed now more than ever.

  32. Doris Payne permalink

    My prayers are with the “Smith Family”. I will continue to pray for Gavin’s safe return. May God be with Gavin’s wife and 3 sons.

  33. Anonymous permalink

    thank you bob johnson for pointing out the obvious re: my post “knew him way back when”. i meant no disrespect to the family or mr smith in recalling happenings in the 70’s. our present behavior is shaped by things that happened in our past and i thought it might have shed some light on possibilities to be looked into. at worst my comments may have been in the nature of ‘throwaway information’ because the cops always examine drug usage and relationship issues right from the start, no matter who is involved. when i mentioned that he was known as ‘somewhat of a headcase…drama queen’ i say this as it endeared him to his friends and made him more human to us, without those qualities he would have been just too perfect to fit in… brilliant in thought, bball star, handsome and physically fit…we’re lucky he had a couple flaws. i comment as anonymous because i am not a skilled blogger and am not sure what kind of spam results from ‘going public’ i certainly don’t have anything to hide. good luck in finding gavin safe and sound. if the family would like me to buzz-off, just post a comment to that effect and i will comply. as for the rest of you yappy clowns…. put on some sturdy shoes and get your ass out looking in the santa monicas if it means something to you.

  34. Anna Gutierrez permalink

    Mr. Gordon Van Tassell – you are truly a man of purpose, organization, reason and productivity. Thank you so much for organizing the search effort for tomorrow morning, Sat. 5/12 at 7am. And to all of the search volunteers that show up to participate, stay safe, good luck and godspeed for Gavin’s safe return home! May God bless you always, Mr. Van Tassell!

  35. Guest permalink

    The convention that Gavin attended was from April 23-26.Did he stay in Vegas another 4 days and return on 4/30 to stay with a friend and then disappear that night? Or, was he staying at a friend’s house since returning the week before? More questions than answers.

  36. Joey Levin permalink

    To ALL the Smiths..Lisa..BOYS..My heartfelt prayers and best wishes for a safe/happy resolution

  37. Gordon Van Tassell permalink

    Dear friends of Gavin,

    I propose that we meet as a group on the South-East corner of Piuma Road and Malibu Canyon Road (County HWY N1 on some maps) May 12th @ 7:00AM. There is parking on Piuma Road. Please be aware of all parking signs/laws.

    Malibu Canyon is very rugged, and can be strenuous and dangerous, please be prepared. Don’t become another person we have to search for. If you are not an experienced hiker, please sit this one out, there are other things that you can do. There is lots of poison oak, please look online and familiarize yourself with this plant. At this time of year it’s likely to be a solid green leaf without red margins. The temperature is likely to be in the high 70’s.

    **Please obey all traffic/pedestrian laws**

    **Please do not hike alone. Bring a “Buddy”**

    It is suggested that you bring:

    An attitude of hope and concern for Gavin
    Hiking stick, poles
    Good hiking shoes
    Long pants
    Cell phone
    GMRS or FRS two-way radio set to channel “4” no security code setting.
    Water **at least two liters**
    TOPO map
    Pad, pen or pencil

    See you at 7:00 AM!

    Gordon Van Tassell
    C 818-298-0246

    • Susan Armour Kaufman permalink

      As I am not an experienced hiker, i will sit this one out, but I will be in prayer while you search…Thank you for your efforts…god bless, and god speed.

    • mtnmama permalink

      In case you haven’t seen the update his car was last seen the next morning at 4:30 am in Sylmar, but good luck with the effort

      • Anonymous permalink

        @ mtnmama…..Why wasn’t this information posted in the news? 4:30 am in Sylmar..Big lead…

  38. suze permalink

    We need an update regarding this posted here. Are there plans for this weekend for searches? What is going on with that?

  39. Was wondering if the police have checked all the ravines in the area? Since his car wasn’t found or seen yet, maybe his car went off the road into a ravine. It’s hard to see cars in some of those places.

  40. Karen permalink

    I pray helicopters, arieal films, and survailence cameras must al least be at key areas around the homes.. homes?? any home security systems at neighbors houses? Phones have tracking applications??
    Work electronics? fors the Benz have an On Star system?

  41. Gayle Nakama permalink

    I remember Gavin so well. He was an awesome basketball player and was instrumental with my two sons falling in love with the sport. Gary Gray was also on the team out of Portland. I used to bake banana bread for the team and they loved it. Prayers out to the Smith family and know I have wonderful memories of his games and my boys too. Aloha.

  42. Anonymous permalink

    I was in a restaurant in Morro Bay on Monday night…and there was a very tall man and tall woman. THe guy matched the photo of Gavin from the website (without the goatee). I noticed his height…and his very white teeth. I called the sheriff’s line and left my number, etc… i also sent an email to a link on this site. Nobody has contacted me. The woman was also very tall…must have been 6′ or so.

    • Anonymous permalink

      All leads are important…..Just my opinion….Good luck……..Prayers to the family…

    • Concerned in Westlake permalink

      Have to ask. If you thought it was Gavin why didn’t you go up and ask him who he was? Most cell phones these days have cameras, did you take his picture by any chance? Did you see what kind of car he was driving?

      • Good point! Anyone that thinks they see Gavin should take a picture with their phone and see what kind of car they get into. There have been several alleged sightings but with a pic we can know for sure.

    • What was the name of the restaurant, and what time were you there? Did they leave before you? Did they come in after you? It’s worth following up with the restaurant. I’d be happy to do so. You can email me directly at Thank you for posting the information.

    • nutcasemtnmama permalink

      I’m not buying that this (anonymous) person (or any person with more than one brain cell) would know the dire situation regarding Gavin, have awareness that there is now an info website (posted by his children) is dedicated to him, recognize him in a restaurant, know that there is a massive search going on for him, and merely call a sheriff rather than immediately approach him (or at the very least, keep tabs on him and possibly follow him out to his car) By the way, even the old “dumbphones” have cameras on them. I’m calling bullshit on that, and why give his kids any false hope?

      • I feel that hostility has no place here. Well, it has no place anywhere, but especially here. My friend is missing. I’m not merely an interested bystander. My friend is missing. I’m willing to listen to, and pursue any possible lead that may help me find Gavin. If it doesn’t lead to anything, it is still worth it. In my experience the 499 erroneous questions are all worth it to find the 1 that will lead to what you want. Thank you for caring. It means a great deal.

      • mtnmama permalink

        I did not mean to take on a hostile tone. I just find that leading people in 499 directions is not effective and leads to more frustration. If Gavin had been a missing child rather than a missing adult, and had “matched” a photo on a milk carton, would the matter have been pursued more aggressively in the restaurant where he was possibly seen?
        It just seems like too great an opportunity to pass up, that’s why I’m not buying it. If one is going to go through the effort of posting “sightings” on this page, why not take an even more effective effort and kindly approach someone who might hold the key to some major resolve and closure. Especially since the person was physically approachable, and not speeding by in a car or appearing to be in a huge hurry.
        Doesn’t make any sense, and I’m afraid some of these “leads” might lead people more on the wrong path rather than the right one.

  43. fred permalink

    First of all there is a strong likelyhood this great father and husband is safe. Sometimes a person just have to take a step back. Leaving the house was alot to deal with. He’ll turn up guys, just watch!
    God Bless the Smiths and god will do his part.

  44. Cozette permalink

    Hi Evan. You do not know me but I know who you are. I know your mom and dad. My name is Cozette and I worked with your mom many years ago. I am stunned to hear that Gavin has mysteriously disappeared. I will pray that your dad will be found safe and real soon. My heart goes out to you, your brothers and your mom.

  45. The NewsBreaker permalink

    Please post the story on your Facebook and Twitter pages. We must find Gavin Smith. His three sons are incredible, and have been a pleasure to work with getting this out in the news.

    Larry Garrison
    SilverCreek Entertainment

    • cybilla permalink

      Facebook is good but has nowhere near the reach that Twitter does.
      LA Co Sheriff posted an alert at Twitter about a week ago, and the news has gone out from there. Tweeters are continuing to push.
      It’s extremely difficult that there’s not a single clue. Plenty of people here want to assist with the search, and we can only hope that someone form the family has accepted their offers.
      Kudos to Sharon X who working hard to put pieces together, and has contacted people.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Gavin knows alot of high profile people in the industry……With many followers ..Please post this on Twitter if you have people in the Industry on your page………………..Twitter is great that way….

  46. I am from the L.A. area and know these canyons…is a search being done on foot?? praying for his safe return and for the family..stay strong..

  47. Sabrina Nixon permalink

    How can I help? I would easily / readily give my time. I wish your family peace.

  48. Russell permalink

    I am sad to read that Gavin is missing. He was my teammate at Van Nuys High School from 1971 to 1973 and at UCLA in 1973-1974. Great player and a great dad from my reading. Hope he is found safe and very soon.

  49. Almost all high end cars have On Star which goes off on any impact whether you pay your subscription or not. I have to wonder if investigators have picked up a GPS cignal from the car or cell phone. If a phone is off, no detection can be traced. If the phone is turned on at any point and a signal picked up on a tower. There was a case in Washington State where a car went over and the edge and was found with the driver barely alive after several days. For some reason, some of the sequencing of events do not make sense and I believe there are extenuating circumstances. It is really hard to have faith Gavin is alive after 10 days without thinking there is foul play. No cell or credit card activity and if at a friend’s house, don’t think he was kidnapped. The car may be parked or chopped by now or out of the area completely. Will continue to pray for answers in this case!

    • nutcasemtnmama permalink

      jacqueline, your thinking sounds the most logical to me. This was a responsible man somewhat in the public eye with a beautiful and loving family, and someone without a history of making enemies. He is easily recognizable, and the only reasonable conclusion one can make based on the aforementioned circumstances is foul play. No other explanation could possibly make any sense, unless his car went over some cliff and has yet to be detected. My empathy goes out to his loyal family and friends who will be searching until there are answers.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I agree with Jacqueline..

  50. Reply permalink

    Haay Anoymious……..So Obvious of who you are…..Did you have something to do with his disappearence? Sounds like you want to throw people off for some reason sick and twisted

    • Anonymous permalink

      The police should be organizing all searches…….Their are many mountainous areas in that part of So. California……….Honestly they have more leads than you or I know about..The police never give away information………………….In any event….Sending prayers and good wishes to the family….

  51. Ray permalink

    As a UCLA Bruin fan I felt I needed to write a few comments to the beautiful family that Gavin Smith has. First of all don’t be hurt by those who write negatives about Gavin. Be strong and everything that is mentioned on this website might create a lead to where Gavin might be. Everyone has a heart some are hot, warm, and cold. Just know that we care about you. When I first mentioned to my wife Gavin Smith played for UCLA and is now missing her comments were “he probably doesn’t want to be found.” I disagreed with her and actually feel the police are looking at all the scenarios. On the other hand all scenarios are a possibility, so let’s focus on the fact he’s still alive and look towards those scenarios that include him still living. You have my email address if I can help in anyway just drop me an email. When you open a website like this all the amatuer sleuths come out and want to help. My heartfelt thoughts are with you.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    I am deeply saddened by the news, my prayers for Gavin to come back to his family first then to all of us.
    He is very friendly and helpful to one and all. Very intelligent man who loves his family, his job and very prestigious person. Extremely very well respected man in the industry.

  53. Cindy permalink

    Am I missing something, or have there not been any updates since 5/8??

  54. Kathi permalink

    Please do not give up hope on your dad and husband,Gavin Smith, we recently had a similiar situation in our town with a wonderful husband, father and business owner-his name is Patrick Borally and he disappeared in the same manner and was found alive in Canada, you can check his story out online,he just had a mini breakdown and was found and brought home, he got the help he needed and his family and he are doing fine now-it was a scary,sad situation but there is hope!! People should not be so judgemental, we are all walking a fine line everyday between happiness and despair-it could happen to any of us, or our loved ones at any time-show compassion and all of us unite in a prayer that brings him safely home!

  55. Anonymous permalink

    Why would a loyal and loving husband sleep at a friends house with his family at home? A fight… over something, potentially relationship related? Cheating maybe? This could be a motive tied to the circumstances? Did the wife learn of something that could be tied to this?

    It’s seems obvious that he and his wife were not on good terms relationship wise and that he was staying with a friend for a reason that is assumable tied to that? He must have communicated with someone before he left so abruptly (cell reports and pings should give police more information). Perhaps he left to meet a friend or even another woman and ended up in an altercation with someone else perhaps tied to these circumstances?

    Someone knows more and I hope they are giving the police all of the information they have so that Gavin is found.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Seems that some think these details are irrelevant…While prayers go out to the family ……I really think its relevant and Im certain that the police know alot more than we know…Im certain they are on it……My old boyfriend was murdered off Sunset Plaza Dr…They spoke to everyone that knew him including myself…………Never disclosing information they already had…Case unsolved…

  56. Anonymous permalink

    Was this in the news? I live in Kentucky and read online news everyday, never heard of his dissapperance. I google this story and only one story besides the website comes up? I would get media more involved, too much time has passed….

  57. I’m sorry I’m in Kansas at Ft. Riley, but I will lift you father and your family up in prayer. I pray for a happy homecoming. God bless!

  58. Leslie Foumberg permalink

    Dear Evan and family, Sam and the rest of our family are praying that your Dad will be found safely. We had the pleasure of meeting briefly and Sam talks about how funny he was when you guys all went to the beach in middle school. He is constantly on our minds. Hoping for the best possible outcome.

    Leslie Foumberg

  59. Leslie permalink

    TO THE SMITH FAMILY: No matter what posts you read or see, just be honest with the officials helping in this case. Love one another, pray together and whatever happens, you will get thru it as a family. Thinking of you all – LW

    • Carla permalink

      Yes, I TOTALLY agree with you..

  60. Lynda Snyder- Kelbaugh permalink

    It is obvious that there were extenuating circumstances that are personal leading up to Gavin’s disappearance. It is really not the public’s business nor should we be concerned with it. I know that the police know all of the circumstances and they are basing their case on that. It does not mean that they think he is not alive, as someone suggested. It just means that viewing all these circumstances, unknown to us, there is reason to believe there may have been foul play. Possibly, someone had a motive to cause him harm. They very possibly believe he was abducted from the home he was staying at. I do know that we have a very fine Sheriff and Police force in LA and that if Gavin can be found, they will find him. It is interesting to me that his car has not been found, as well. This leads me to believe that he could be in his car somewhere. That area that they are talking about has many areas where there is no guardrail and the drop offs are far, rugged and covered with heavily vegetated overgrowth. It would be easy for his car to be out of sight, had he plunged over one of those dropoffs. If he were texting, he could have gone over the side with no skid marks. His car was a 2000 Mercedes and didn’t have Lojack (spelling?) However, if he had his cell on him it should have had a locating device on it. I guarantee the officials know allot more than we do. I say, let’s don’t dwell on that, let’s just make every effort to help find Gavin and leave the detective work up to the experts. I certainly don’t pretend to have all of the answers but this is my take on the entire situation. This family is going through enough without people making false assumptions and insinuations about his personal life… Let’s show some compassion here….

    • Carla permalink

      I couldn’t have put it better myself. I totally agree with you.

  61. Anonymous permalink

    Wow ! A name I have not heard of in a very long time. I played basketball with Gavin at Van Nuys High School in the early 70`s. He was a super star at the game. He would bump shoulders with me for fun to see who was taller. My prayers to his family for his safe return.!!

    Brian H.

  62. A few years ago a well known screenwriter went off the road and under an overpass, not be found for months. A serious, detailed, meticulous search of his possible routes needs to be done, not just above via helicopter, but on bike, foot, etc, in touch with the landscape. All the tech available should be utilized as well: lo-jack, iphone apps, cell phone triangulation…sadly after a week batteries may be dead. A hiking expedition seems to be in order to find this guy. Best wishes and prayers go out to the family. As for stopping after a Vegas drive, bfd, when you’reis tired after a long drive, and were ‘in the neighborhood’ sometimes you recharge your personal batteries by stopping.

    • Elizabeth permalink

      Mark, the discovery of the screenwriter was courtesy of the remarkable intuit and fantastic ability of an armchair detective in San Diego who provided the analysis and dissemination of the facts which amazingly lead to the path of the scribe’s whereabouts.

      May there be out there someone with the same curiosity and insight whom will lead us to Gavin.

  63. margo permalink

    Dear Smith family,

    Please post where people can meet Saturday and Sunday (today and Friday as well) to do a search. If there’s a time and place for multiple locations which you think are helpful, then I believe many people will show up and can then fan out to broaden the search. Let me know if I can be designated to a specific location and I will be there to help organize it. You’ve used the media well. Can they be of help again to get the word out, along with Facebook, Twitter, etc. You’ve probably done this already, but if anyone’s missed it, please do it again.
    with love,

    • Ron Jacobs permalink

      Hi Tara,j Hi Evan,
      I’m available to help search today and Friday. What can I do to help. If anyone has any suggestion on where I can go and search I’m more than willing. Gavin is a good friend and it breaks my heart that he’s missing. Just let me know what I can do. My email address is If anyone wants to team up today and search or hand out flyers, just email me.
      Ron Jacobs

  64. Elizabeth permalink

    I haven’t read as to whether they are using bloodhounds to track his scent. Several years ago in the Bay Area, it was reported that K9 were able to track Laci Peterson from Modesto to Scott Peterson’s warehouse to the Berkeley Marina.

    • Elizabeth permalink

      I think those were “cadaver” dogs, though, and trained to track human remains. Different K9 are used to track a live human, I think. I don’t know their accuracy. ???

  65. Did anyone read the comment section of this story?
    (Make sure you click view all comments)

    Someone said on there that they saw him in Santa Monica at Tao of Wellness?? Did anyone check that out??

  66. Robbie permalink

    Praying for Gavin and the family.

  67. marsha permalink

    i was at cinemacon in las vegas at the same time gavin was there. i did not hear or see of anything out of the ordinary. if anything had gone on,believe me it would have been talked about among everyone. gavin has been the branch manager for my territory for quite some time (im in dallas tx) gavin would call me on occaion to talk about things going on in the film industy and he always seemed to have his head on his shoulders,i have had to deal with people with demintia before and gavin did not fit into that catagory. he always knew what he was doing and was very level headed. i do not think gavin ran away. he loves his job very much and is very dedicated to it. he is well know
    throughout the film industry and is very
    well liked and respected. i am keeping my eyes and ears open and praying for his safe return.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hoping they are taking helicopters and going through the canyons…….This is horrible…..Prayers his wonderful family…..

  68. Art Osborne permalink

    Maybe it would be more productive to focus on the current situation and not bring up ancient history while hiding behind a screen.

    • Lynda Snyder- Kelbaugh permalink

      Just read the message posted by Art… Honestly what good could come from mentioning such things from the past such as this?. Some things are best just left unsaid Art… These postings are being read by his loved ones. Let’s display some compassion here….

  69. Chris permalink

    I know Gavins son Evan and my heart goes out to their family. its pathetic how people can say things at such a hard time. I wish them nothiNg but the best and will keep both eyes open.

  70. Holly permalink

    Now they’re saying he was last seen near his home in West Hills…not a friend’s house in Oak Park? Or is this just another error in the story?

    • Anonymous permalink

      They are going back and forth with details…Very confusing….

  71. JN (El Dorado Hills, CA) permalink

    Wow, I wish some of these comments were edited. People sure write some idiotic things on here.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope he’s found safe and sound SOON.

    God bless…

  72. Anna Gutierrez permalink

    As Paul McCartney sung: “…Once there was a way, to get back homeward. Once there was a way to get back home. Sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby” (Golden Slumbers). So, to the family of Mr. Gavin Smith, please help those of us that are behind your cause to give us ALL THE INFORMATION THAT YOU HAVE to help you bring your Dad, Husband, Brother home. With some definitive search quadrants (point A: friend’s home; point B: Gavin’s home) perhaps all of the volunteers that want to rally to do an organized search for his safe return home can assist. In addition, surveillance cameras are everywhere now. You need to press the L.A. Co. Sheriff’s Dept. (Lost Hills Division) to investigate this. Please help us volunteers help you bring Gavin Smith safely home. Time is of the essence……..

    • Donna permalink

      I’m in North Cali, wish I was closer to be of real help but I want to respond to the post about surveillance camera’s. If Gavin were my dad or husband, I wouldn’t wait for the police to get the recordings, I would go to these businesses directly and ask for them. No one in their right mind would say “no, sorry I’m not going to help you out and hand over the recordings”. Unless of course, if they have something to hide!
      God bless the family and those helping in the search,

      North Cali

      • bob johnson permalink

        I doubt a business will just give a stranger tapes without some kind of authorization.

        Here’s hoping for Mr. Gavin’s safe return…

  73. Megan permalink

    For all the people who think they need to know what was happening in the family know this: Gavin is missing and his family is worried. Gavin loves his boys more than anything in this world. He can’t go 10 minutes without talking about them so it is unlikely he would go over a week without calling them, no matter what else was happening.

    • Ken permalink

      Well then, I presume he spoke with Evan between 9pm and 10pm. Yes?

  74. Megan permalink

    Has anyone checked Mulholland between Kanan Rd and the Valley Circle area? Maybe someone can do that tomorrow and Saturday.

    • Simone Shouhed permalink

      I know that road pretty well I can drive it a couple of times tomorrow

      • Megan permalink

        Thank you. Please let is know how it looks.

  75. Megan permalink

    We checked Kanan Rd between the 101 and White Cloud Ranch. We checked both sides pretty much everywhere there was a cliff we couldn’t see the ground below from the car. Can other people post where they are looking please so we can cover more area.

  76. I am truly disappointed in reading your post. anonymous. How dare you disrespect Gavin and his family. No one needs to hear this garbage. I am sorry for Gavin’s family to have to read such a bizarre post. Still praying ans sending positive thoughts!

    • cherihaft & anonymous
      while it was hard to read what anonymous wrote, i agree that no stone should be left unturned. if some helpful information can be gleaned from anon’s post, then all the other crap written may have been worth it. i believe much respect & caring is due gavin and his family, and i am praying for them in kansas. it’s a very difficult situation, and every personality will be different…cherihaft, you are very kind to care so much–let’s all keep caring.

    • bob johnson permalink

      Cassandra Rose Lee: Do you really need to use gutter language during a situation like this? Maybe you could try using a little respect and thoughtfulness.

      God bless to the Gavin family

    • Anonymous permalink

      which anonymous are you referring to!

  77. Samantha permalink

    I’m in Indiana but my thoughts and prayers are going out for your family and for a safe return of him. I wish there was more I could do to help.

  78. anna gades permalink

    According to an L.A. news program, Gavin’s son sent out a tweet asking to please pray for him, his brothers, and his mother. He went on to say that his father had decided to leave the family, and “families stick together.”

    It appears that the Smith family needs to be more forthcoming in describing the family situaton before the father disappeared. Still . . . it’s a mystery–no use of cell phone or credit card.

    I do hope he is found, and the family can be reunited.

    • Anonymous permalink

      This story does not make sense..Why was he staying at someone’s house after Vegas?……Details are not really provided…………Prayers are out to the family..

      • Anonymous permalink

        Why does that matter? Seems like everyone is overly concerned with irrelevant details. He was at a friends…he got into his car and drove away.

    • mrsredford permalink

      What difference does it make why Gavin was staying at a friend’s house the night he vanished?… It’s pretty obvious he and his wife were having some struggles. SO WHAT? MILLIONS of couples have struggles, MILLIONS of couples take a break, & millions of couples get divorced. – But, only psychopaths, would abandon their children.

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